Weed Control

We add Weed Control to our fertilizer applications in the Summer months for maximum effectiveness and quick response visible within hours and weed death occurring within 7-14 days.

Our Weed Control was formulated especially for the cool season grasses we have in Western Washington.  We combine both contact and systemic herbicides for a broad spectrum of control. We use a selective herbicide that only effects chlorophyll production in weed plants but does not harm turfgrass plants.

Reasons for weeds:

      • Low fertility or excessively high fertility
      • Excessive irrigation or frequent and light irrigation
      • Compacted, thin and sparse areas in the lawn
      • Mowing height of cut too short
      • Drought, disease or insect damage
      • pH levels not optimum for turfgrass

We can spray newly seeded lawns after the 2nd or 3rd mowing.

Our products are safe for people, pets and the environment providing sustainable effective results.  Our technicians are licensed and trained, and our equipment is calibrated and well maintained.

The best defense against weeds is a dense stand of turf.