Lawn Thatching

Thatch is a layer of living and dead roots and shoots. The thatch layer is located above the soil but below the grass leaves. Some thatch is good for retaining moisture and nutrients however, too much thatch can block nutrients and moisture from reaching the root zone. Thatch accumulation greater than 1/2″ should be controlled.

Lawn de-thatching is a mechanical process that removes excessive thatch from your lawn. Our machines use swinging metal flails that we adjust to strike the soil surface around 1/8″ deep.

We use thatching machines for removing thatch, removing excessive moss, scarifying sparse areas or breaking up dead layers and to prepare for over-seeding.

The best time to de-thatch your lawn is during the growing seasons of Spring and Fall.

Because acidic and compacted soil contributes to excessive thatch formation, we also reccomend Lawn Aeration and a generous Lime Application when we de-thatch a lawn.

We always over-seed trouble spots with 3-way perennial ryegrass for no charge when we de-thatch a lawn.