The best time for Over-seeding your lawn is in the Spring and in the Fall when soil temperatures are above 50 degrees F with plenty of natural moisture.

Soil to seed contact is key for successful germination and establishment. We use lawn aerators and de-thatchers to open or scratch the soil surface. This creates a seedbed providing moisture and warmth from the soil.

We use 3-way perennial ryegrass. It is a cool season grass that thrives in our area. 3-way refers to the 3 similar grass cultivars blended together to take advantage of individual characteristics we look for such as:

      • Deep green color
      • Fine leaf texture
      • Quick establishment
      • Disease resistance
      • Insect resistance
      • Drought tolerance
      • Excellent durability
      • Adapts well to different soil types

Our grass seed is certified for purity and germination rate.

We Over-seeding for no charge when we aerate or de-thatch a lawn.