Pruning is the removal of part of the plant for the benefit of all the plant.

Pruning directs growth, improves health and increases density.

      • Directing growth is about shaping the natural form that is balanced and esthetically pleasing. Growth is a response to                 pruning and can renew an old neglected tree or shrub.
      • Improving health is removing suckers or old growth, improving air circulation and the amount of sunlight that reaches the           innermost leaves.
      • Increasing density occurs when thinning or removing old branches stimulates new vigorous growth. Heading back or                 shearing creates dense growth around the tips.

Thinning a plant is removing entire branches close to the trunk or ground. This produces a taller, more open and natural look.

Heading back or shearing a plant reduces the size and creates a sturdier and more formal look.

Renewal is the key word in pruning. Done correctly and regularly ensures the health, beauty and enjoyment of your landscape.