Organic Fertilizer

Applications of Organic Fertilizer in the Summer months is a great addition to our regular fertilizer program to help build healthy soil, reduce turfgrass diseases and improve water movement and retention.

Organic Fertilizer contains Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium including naturally occurring trace minerals and micronutrients.  Because it is not soluble, it is naturally slow release. It depends on microbial decomposition to break down the organic structure to release nutrients into usable forms for plants.

Our Organic Fertilizer is composed of naturally occurring mineral deposits in the soil and heat dried microbes that have digested organic matter in wastewater.

Using Organic Fertilizer helps to boost beneficial soil microbe populations and is especially helpful in new lawns or lawns with poor soil conditions.

Organic Fertilizer is more of a process than an event. We use Organic Fertilizer as a tonic for drought stressed lawns and in new lawns that seem to always be susceptible to turf grass diseases.