Lawn Aeration

Aeration is a mechanical process that removes soil cores form your lawn and deposits them on the surface where they breakdown. The soil cores are 1/2″ diameter by 1-1 1/2″. The soil cores add beneficial soil microbes and organic matter to the surface that helps break down thatch.

Here are some benefits of Aeration:

      • Relieve soil compaction
      • Break up dead grass and thatch layers
      • Improve drainage and water penetration
      • Stimulate root growth for healthier and stronger plants
      • Reduce thatch build up
      • Increased tolerance to heat and drought stress
      • Improved fertilizer response

The best time to aerate is in the growing seasons of Spring and Fall. We use aeration to prepare a seedbed for over-seeding.

We over-seed trouble spots with 3-way perennial rye grass every time we aerate for no charge.

Aeration is a great way to gain access to the root zone. We take advantage of this direct access to amend the soil with 25 lbs of lime every 1000 sq. ft. Lime moves slowly through the soil profile so we get great results when we include a generous application of lime when we aerate.

We recommend aerating your lawn at least once per year or twice a year if your lawn is well used or compacted by kids or pets.