Pet Friendly Lawn Care Services

A healthy Barefoot Lawn is the best place to enjoy your pet! Our products are safe for people, pets and the environment providing sustainable effective results.

Our technicians are licensed and trained, and our equipment is calibrated and well maintained.

We blend our own fertilizer and spray it directly on the lawn.  We ask our customers to keep their pets off the lawn for about an hour to allow the application to dry.  After the lawn is dry there is no risk of transfer.

-Our Nitrogen source is urea which is used as a protein supplement in beef cattle.

-Our Potassium source is potash that naturally occurs in underground deposits.

-We use Ferrous Sulfate to control moss.  Because of the iron content it is used as a supplement in animal feeds.

-Our weed control has a low toxicity for humans and pets and is rapidly broken down by microbes in the soil into harmless compounds.

-Timing is everything when we add insect control to treat for European Crane Fly.  We can apply a very small amount to knock down the population when the larvae are small, tender and easy to kill.

We notify our customers the day before our scheduled visit by text, e-mail or both and we leave an application posting on the front door.

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