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Fall is one of the best times to fertilize

Fall is the time of year when cool season turfgrass recovers from summer stresses.  As temperatures decline and soil moisture increases, grass plants begin accumulating carbohydrates for shoot and root growth.  This carbohydrate reserve increases root growth without excessive shoot growth.  Roots grow well when soil temperatures are between 40-65 degrees while shoot growth is favored in the 60-75 degree range.

The stored energy is used for:

  • Winter hardiness
  • Shoot density
  • Root growth
  • Fall and winter color
  • Earlier spring green up

We apply an available and slow release nitrogen source that dries slowly for maximum foliar uptake and slow release characteristics in the soil.  We include potassium that encourages root growth, resistance to disease and winter hardiness.  Our product is particularly beneficial during this period of peak nutrient demand or areas with poor soil conditions and summer stressed lawns.

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